“ALL IN” for 2018

Our churchwide challenge for this year is  to be…

“All IN” for 2018! 

Our goal? To become more…

INtentional about

INvesting in people and being

INcarnational in our communities this year.
Here’s the challenge:
  • Individuals: prayerfully choose 1 or 2 people in your life who don’t know Christ with whom you will cultivate a genuine relationship. Pray for them daily. Look for opportunities to get to know them, to serve them, to have fun with them. As you intentionally invest in these people, we as a church will provide you with several opportunities throughout the year to connect them with the church, other believers, and the Gospel here at LFC at specially planned “All IN” events
  • Small groups (Shepherding Groups, Bible Study Groups, etc.) plan at least one intentionally incarnational evangelism/outreach event during the year. This could be things like passing out water bottles and tracts at the park in the summer, leading a weekend Backyard Bible Club in a neighborhood, or doing a servant evangelism project in downtown Sussex. Whatever it is, make sure the focus is on taking the Gospel out to the places that you work, live and play.
All In poster