One Body Many Parts

Ministering to individuals and families impacted by disabilities

At Lafayette Federated Church we believe God makes each of us according to his will and purposes. Those with special needs often have special talents and giftings as well. The entire body thrives when each member can participate to the fullest. Our disabilities ministry focuses not only on helping those with special needs, but also on developing their gifts and integrating them into the body of Christ as contributing members in God’s kingdom. We seek to provide individuals and families with special needs the support they require to enable them to minister in the unique ways God has called them. For questions, please reach out to us at

Supporting those with special needs

  • Sensory-Friendly Worship Room

A place for families with special needs children to worship together during our Sunday service. This room provides a calming atmosphere for children whose needs can make worship with the whole congregation difficult.

  • Sign Language Interpreted Service

The second Sunday of every month you will find an ASL interpreter on the platform during our worship service. We hope to expand this resource to every service as interest and resources grow.

  • Buddy Program
We have trained volunteers who provide one-on-one support to enable children with special needs to fully participate in Sunday school and other church programs and special events.

Coming Soon

  • Family Support

Connecting families through fellowship and social events with a focus on parent and sibling support

  • Community Education

Child Safety Training