Why “Federated”?

Many people ask, “What does the ‘Federated’ mean in Lafayette Federated Church?” The term is actually rooted in our unique history as a church. In 1933, the Methodist Church (est. 1837) and Presbyterian Church (est. 1857) in Lafayette began meeting together for worship and service. In 1943, they became known as the Lafayette Federated Church to reflect that unity of coming together for a common purpose. The church chose to use the term “Federated” which simply means “being joined into a single entity, presenting a unified front for a common purpose.” In 1946 the Articles of Constitution were adopted making it a single legal entity.  The church maintained its dual denominational ties, ministering and serving the Lord together, finding unity in the primary matters of the faith they held in common.  In 1984, the church chose to end their relationship with their previous denominations and become an independent Evangelical church, while keeping their original name.