Divorce Care

Divorce Care meets Sunday afternoons from 6:00 to 8:00 PM

Divorce Care is a video seminar series featuring some of the nation’s foremost Christian experts on divorce and recovery topics as seen from a Biblical perspective. The video seminars are combined with support group discussion of the materials presented during the video.

The seminar topics cover a wide variety of concerns to those facing separation or divorce, such as:

  • Emotional issues-What’s Happening to Me?; Facing My Anger; Facing My Depression; Facing My Loneliness)
  • Practical issues-New Relationships; Financial Survival; KidCare
  • Spiritual issues-Forgiveness; Reconciliation; What does the Owner’s Manual say? Moving On, Growing Closer to God

Group discussions will be led by married couples who have each experienced the pain of divorce, so they are able to relate to many situations that group members may be facing.
Men or women who are dealing with separation or divorce are encouraged to attend.


If you know someone outside our area who might benefit from this program, please go to www.divorcecare.org and do a zipcode search for a group in their area.


Contact Pastor Aaron Robb at arobb@lfc.org for more information.