2018 Holy Week Devo-Monday


This year, for our Holy Week devotionals, we want to present five stories of people whose lives were transformed by Jesus. The message of Easter is that Jesus is triumphant—triumphant over sin and triumphant over death. That victory, that triumph, is seen in the transforming work that He does in our lives. Jesus alone has the power to transform us from sinners into saints, from spiritually dead to spiritually alive. As you read through these daily devotionals, our hope is that they will help you and your family prepare your hearts for Easter.


As you begin your journey through Holy Week, I want to leave you with the powerful words from the song “We Are Changed” by Joel Lindsay from this year’s Easter musical.


Some of us met Him on a hillside,

Some of us met Him at a well,

Some of us met Him when we touched His garment,

But all of us are here to tell;


We are changed, we are changed;

By the power of His presence we are changed.

Bodies healed and lives restored

With just one touch from the Lord,

And we will never, ever be the same.                                                                     

We are changed.


Pastor Aaron