1. Can I bring my children?

The conference is geared toward caregivers rather than children and there are no children’s activities or onsite childcare. If you have independent, older children (teenagers?) who can participate and benefit from the conference, you are welcome to register them, but we would discourage bringing young or highly dependent children with you. Instead, we would encourage you to investigate local childcare resources, some of which we have compiled for you on the

2. Is there a group discount/What if I need to register several people?

There is a couple discount, which allows a $5 discount for a second person. To register more than 2 people you can submit multiple registrations with up to 2 people on each form.

3. What should I bring?

You will receive programs, venue maps, and other conference materials upon checkin on the morning of the conference. You might like to bring a writing instrument for note taking. Additionally, a box lunch will be provided and there are water fountains throughout the building, but if you have specific dietary needs or if you require additional food, please bring those along. And, since temperatures fluctuate greatly and can be hard to accurately predict in early Fall, you might like to bring a sweater in case you find the indoor air conditioning a bit cool. Otherwise, just your smile, your questions, and a heart for those with disabilities and those caring for those with disabilities.

4. Can I get a refund?

While we would hate for you to miss this opportunity, we understand that life happens and schedules change suddenly, especially given the unpredictability associated with special needs. Any registration fees can be fully refunded until the pre-registration period closes on September 15.  After that time, materials and food will be ordered and funds cannot be returned.

Anything Else?

Have a question we didn’t anticipate? Please, reach out and contact us at onebodymanyparts@lfc.org. We’re happy to answer any and all questions, and you will help us populate this page for the next person to have a similar concern.